Blender Eevee exterior archviz


I would like to share my first ever eevee exterior archviz animation.
The focus on this scene wasn’t to get a photorealistic animation, but rather to have a quick concept animation, because the design is far from finish and could end up looking totally different. That’s why not much time was spent on shadeing or scene modeling.
To put things on paper this whole animation was done in about 5 hours (3 of witch were spend on rendering time in 4K)
Hope you enjoy!


Nice! how did you do the glass material?

exterior glass is different then interior glass as you shouldn’t have agresive reflections and on exterior archviz being perpendicaular to a glass wall should be more transparent then the edges where fresnel should come into play. Its not realistic but the effect especially for animations in kinda convincing.
Here is the setup, note the edge fade is really important and the glass roughness to control the transmision, also the thickness is a good addition to the fake depth of the glass.


Thanks a lot! that saved me. You really know your way on blender. cheers!

flattering, but not quite, there are other ways on this forum with regards to eevee and glass / photorealism simulation, the setup is just an adaptation of some tips and tricks ive read around here.
Glad it helped you