Blender eevee_my tutorial simple

(Abu Unaisah (Joko Triyono)) #1

render image ,just a few seconds

Interior, Blender With Corona
(alf0) #2

man this is really really crazy
what type of pc do you run ?

(Abu Unaisah (Joko Triyono)) #3

thanks man, type of pc : AMD FX™-6300 Six-Core Processor Memory (RAM) 8.00 GBGraphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650

render image, just a few seconds

(alf0) #4

ok i am going to die from this !!!

(Abu Unaisah (Joko Triyono)) #5

(Abu Unaisah (Joko Triyono)) #6

(easydream) #7

and how eevee works with dupligroups, object particles, modifiers, render passes? for production archviz we will need all this stuff…

(Abu Unaisah (Joko Triyono)) #8

(Abu Unaisah (Joko Triyono)) #9

while for that I use blender version 2.79b, because blende eevee still in development stage

(Abu Unaisah (Joko Triyono)) #10

Update, Blender 2.8 _Render Eevee