Blender equivalent for Android

Hello everyone.
I’m Ivano.

I’m looking for a good Android app which is as close as possible to Blender.
Please, don’t just reply woth a quick Google search, I already did on Play Store, Google and extensively.

I already know some, like SpaceDraw,, SDF3D, etc.

I’m mainly interested in modeling, rendering, rigging+animation and sculpting+painting.

I’d consider multiple apps, paid too, as long as the final result will be as it would using Blender.

Edit: Something like Anim8or+a stripped ZBrush in example.

Please, help me.

Bye, Ivano.

Why not buy a cheap used PC so that you can run Blender?

Application like blender doesn’t exist in Mobile space

Ops, looks like you’re wrong…

@3dkiwi: Because I already have all on Android and I just need this.

Bye, Ivano.

It’d be great if Blender could run on a mobile device again. I used to run it on a Palm Treo running Windows Mobile back in the day

Yeah, me too.
In truth there’s already an Android port, but is buggy and has cluttered ui.


Just for the records, there’s Dead Deer:

It runs on Android, it just have small UI, but better organized

Whenever I hear android I think of mobile phones. There used to be a Blender sculpting app on android a while back, but making a mobile ui for Blender would be next to impossible I think. What kind of platform do you have in mind? Or usage (modeling, animation, simulation…)?

More or less the same as Blender, but rendering.
Yes, there are many other apps which does this or that, but nothing doing it all in a single app like DD does.

I feel like prisma3d is as close to blender as ur gonna get on android (so far at least)