Blender error on start up

Why am I having this error whenever I start Blender? BTW, I have the latest beta version.


Hi Erona !

There is no problem with this warning. Don’t pay attention to it. The question has been already answered several times :

If you install the full version of Python 2.3.3 our 2.3.4, this warning will no longer bother you !

Welcome and Happy blending :wink:


Thanks people! Only one more thing, do I need this MS-DOS window always open when using Blender? I kinda find an it annoying. :x

Geez… I’m excited about blender! How long do you think I could learn it?

cya :wink:

Hi Robin !

The Dos window musn’t be closed. It is the control console of Blender. If you close the DOS window, you also close Blender !
Just reduce the window as an icon in your task bar.

Forgive my bad english, I am french.

How much time to learn Blender ? I don’t know… Blender is a very efficient soft, and so it have many functions…

I am working with blender several hours a day for six months, and I am far to know everything of it !

The good news is that you learn something each new day, and the pleasure is always present !

It is recommended to buy the 2.3 manual, and read it carefully from start to end. In a first time, if you don’t want to buy it right now, you can download for free the former release 2.0 in PDF format on the website.

You’ll find here answers for almost every question, but read the topics and the manual before asking for help, because it takes a lot of time to answer.
There are also many tutorials on the web. just make a search with your favorite web browser.

You’ll enjoy Blender, I am sure ! It is a marvelous tool !

Good work !


You will never completely learn blender. I’ve been using it for 5-6 years and I’m still learning things about it every now and again…

But the basics didn’t take me that long, a couple of weeks, maybe a month at the outside… but I’m a fast learner…

BTW: it is possible to hide the console with the “run.exe” utility that comes with Cygwin/X, but I’d advise against it. Not only is it dodgy (using a Cygwin utility on a non-Cygwin app - may not be all that stable) but a lot of information can be seen there.
In particular, if you ever use python scripts (eg import/export scripts, etc) or texture/sequence plugins then any errors, and for some progress information is displayed there.