Blender Explodes!

This is an introduction to a showreel that my students are going to make. It took 36 hours to render in cycles at full HD with 800 passes, and I then composited motion blur, glare, and stuff with the internal renderer. I even had to use some logic bricks to make the letters get chopped up properly.

Blender is an open source 3d suite capabable of creating amazing work.
But will it blend? That is the question!

Great animation and concept :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesomeness! Great work! :smiley:

That was excellent. I love the crunch effect. Very nicely done, and looks amazing!
Oh, since it’s Cycles, and pertinent to Blender in general, throw it in the Cycles Museum if you like. It’s good stuff.

Where’s the cycles museum?

“Yo dawg, I heard you like Blender…”

interesting but you said It took 36 hours to render in cycles…

excuse me for my newbie question. what do mean by “render” please?

do you mean the final process of CG?
or you mean it took you 36 hours to work on it? if so then how much time does such an animation take to render?

This page from the manual will be better (it’s for ver 2.6):
Since the OP mentioned the number of passes he rendered the animation to, I assume he’s using Cycles to render.

When he says render, and when pretty much anyone says render, they mean the time it takes for the render engine to compile the image/animation, so not the time spent editing it within Blender’s interface, or wherever else.

And the amount of time images/animations take to render varies wildly depending on what it actually is and how powerful your machine is (usually relying on the processor, but with Cycles there is now - at the moment limited - support for GPU rendering.)

thank you.