Blender Export Single Object

I’m trying to figure out how to export a single object in a blender scene. I’m trying to get it to work with BabylonJS but their importMesh option doesn’t seem to like pulling in an entire scene. I’ve heard there is a ‘export single’ checkbox on the exporter but I can’t find it.

What exporter are you using ?

If this one, there is an option to export objects on the current layer in the scene settings. If so then just put the object you don’t want to export on a separate layer


When I go to File->Export->(Whatever option you choose), most of the exports I’ve looked at have a list of checkboxes in the bottom of the LEFT tools panel and one of those options is usually “Selected Objects”… I don’t see this on your screen shot, but that’s what I would look for as long as your object is selected.

That addon is to do exactly as its name implies. It exports the selected objects, you don’t therefore need another option to tell it to export only the selected objects.