Blender Export WITH UV to 3DSmax?

Hey again peeps,

Im modeling allll of my bits and bobs in Blender somply because i find it the most intuative and productive 3D app. However, alot of my models i export to .SMD for use with Valves Source engine. The only problem is that there is very little support for the blender SMD exporter and at the moment it doesnt fully function.

Soooo, i am now exporting from blender, into 3D Studio max as a .3DS. However, i also waht to export the UV Map (.uvw i think) along with the model so i dont have to un wrap it again in 3DS max.

Then from 3DS Max i can use the tried and tested SMD exporter to the Source Engine.

I hope that was clear, just to recap i want to Blender/UV Map ‘export’-> .3DS 3DSmax (with UVMap) ‘export’-> .SMD Source engine.

Thanks in advance,