Blender failed to load kernel indirect background in 2.9+ cycles

I’m getting this error when i try cycles render with my GPU (rx590 8gb) in blender version 2.91+ (means 2.91,2.92,2.93 all of them)
I’ve upgraded my windows and Gpu driver to latest version and still getting this problem
Also in blender 2.90 eevee doesn’t work, but works in 2.91+ but cycles doesn’t work in those version.
I’ve searched online and found no fix for this
All AMD users getting the same problem after 2.90+
Oh also not just failed to load kernel indirect background
If i clear kernel folder and try it again sometimes i get failed to load kernel path init

So what should we do now?


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I’m having the same problem :pensive: I need to use the version 2.93 but atleast I’m able to run 2 other ones. I also have a rx 580 8gb sapphire pulse lite. So, what I did is, for me, the driver from feb 2021, and 18th nov 2020 works with 2.90.1, please, get this exatcly 2.90.1 in the blender, it’s not the 2.90.0. And I’m able to use with 2.83 aswell… the curious is that I still can use LuxCore and Prorender…

Posted this in an AMD forum Users Post:

Re: In 2021,Why AMD GPU Still Sucks On Cycles?!

I think I might have found a so-called hack to get the ‘Indirect_Background’ one to work.

  1. Start with initial default cube. Mainly so that Blender will recover faster.

  2. Add a HDRI (don’t really know if you have to).

  3. Switch from ‘Solid’ view to ‘Mat Preview’ then switch to ‘Render’ view. Now I think it does start to hang, but immediately switch back to ‘Mat View’ and wait for it to clear its self up. Then switch back to ‘Render’ view.

  4. Hit F10 while still in ‘Viewport’ (may not have to do this).

  5. Go to Render tab and watch the magic happen (hopefully).

I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything. You can then open another file and everything should still work. Even on start up.