Blender Farm Test

Hey everyone,

I’m setting up my first blender render farm, and was wondering if anyone had any good blender animations or anything that would be a good test.


Dude - how many nodes & what power?

Nothing on me at the moment, but Animation is where I’m heading so maybe soonish if you still keen then.

Or, maybe the guy in this thread could use your help? He’s got a “my first character” which he’s been studiously working on. The character happens to be covered in hair particles, and he wants to animate. Perhaps you could enter his thread and offer your help?

About 16 nodes, each with core2duo’s. I’m not sure of the exact speed. I’m at a university and it is a side project of mine.

what size is it ?
how much power in watts
did you build it yourself or bought it new

what order of cost are we talking here $5 K or $10 K

can you show a pic of this little farm system
would be nice to look at it


Well it is basically just a computer lab running vmware server with fedora linux on them. I’m in the process of connecting all of the computers together using distriblend. As soon as I get something together i’ll send in a picture!

well, you could always try one of these:
(fluid shiny metal )

(distorted arrays)

bug getting tea

and just render all of those out at high definition :smiley:

just an idea :), cool that you got a render farm setup :slight_smile:

how about rendering Big buck bunny or elephants dream with Freestyle