Blender FBX & Unity

Trying to use Blender objects with Unity but the FBXs from Blender import with no textures.

When exporting FBXs from Blender, “Selected Objects”, “Mesh”, “HQ Normals”, “Copy Image Files” are all selected.

D’aaaahhhh. I’m lost.

edit: I’m using 2.49b

I noticed problems with the fbx exporter too, nothing is connected either. I think its broken as the configuration panel no longer appears (at least in 2.57). Try the Collada exporter, that will export the textures. Failing that, just use import new asset and attach them to materials, then attach the materials to the object. I’m having problems getting the textures to appear in Unity even though they are imported. Probably because my source textures are not in a regular size like 256 x 256. Although they are changed to those proportions when they are converted to DXT5 format.

Hey Jorne - thanks for the input. I figured out this morning that it’s not a Blender problem at all. If (in the Unity project folder structure) the FBX is at the same level as a folder named “Textures”, containing the texture belonging to respective FBX, all works fine.

Blender continues to rawk!

btw - anybody can PM me if I didn’t make this clear. =]