Blender featured by CorridorDigital

Hi everyone,

not sure if this topic fits in here but I just felt like I needed to make this more known to everyone here. CorridorDigital is one of those really big (and somewhat famous) YouTube channels that got their start doing action- / VFX-heavy short films. They have a second channel called samandniko where they do vlogs and talk about behind the scenes stuff. Before they have used 3DS MAX but since their previous intern has returned back to the team (who started out with Blender exlusively), their videos feature more and more VFX done in Blender.

You can watch the latest clip where they talk about Blender here:

I just thought it was interesting to see Blender pop up there.

this guy Wren is a proper BlenderHead - I like him

good stuff :slight_smile: