Blender fighter game eninge!

(blenderage) #1

I brought this during a discussion in the Q+A forum and some people where interested. Its a community project (I know these have flopped in the past but dont worry). It doesnt require lots of effort from any particular person and people can do it in their own time.
What I want to do is make fighting “engine”. It will similar to the 2d fighting game engine called mugen where anyone could inport sprites, sounds and levels into the engine and have their own customised fighting game. Lots of people made DBZ and street fighter games and where quite good. The good thing about this is that I can make a simple game to start off with two characters 1 level etc and people can send in the stuff they like doing like characters, levels etc. All we need is a set of rules people need to follow when sending stuff in and I will compile it.
Projects like this usually flop because of lack of communication and inadequate planning but Im sure I can make this work. If you have any suggestions or anything let me know, once we have all the ideas together we can make plans.

(Skanime) #2

Are we going to do it as a 2d or 3d game b/c I thought it would be cool to do it as a 3d game, allowing for added depth (literally and figuratively). I won’t think making it 3d would be much harder than making it 2d.

(blenderage) #3

3d most definatly -Tekken 4 Stylee

(mainman) #4

well, I like the idea…it would be fun if people could make their own character and then let you put it into a game and other people as well as yourself can play with your character…
are you planning to make the game - the engine - all by yourself or what?
I think this project has more chance to succeed cause people can ‘join’ when they want to and dont have any obligatories ( is that spelled correctly?), I mean that people dont HAVE to make stuff that dont HAVE to be done in time…they can decide wether to make a character or not and when they want to…
well anyways I like your idea (I think I saw it soem time ago already) and I think I would defenitely make a character for it once your engine is finished.

(blenderage) #5

Yeah I agree, it wiould be alot better if people aren’t under any pressure.
I will make the main engine myself and come up with a set of rules for people to follow when submitting characters etc unfortunatley Im a bit strapped for time (and a decent computer) at the moment. If anyone has made a fighting game and has any tip or suggestions they would be very helpful.

(Bandoler) #6

Blenderage, do you have experience in making fighting games?
And in making games with Blender?
I’m interested in being introduced to this, and joining an open project is the best option, but i want to make sure to deal with serious people (i’m not saying that you aren’t).
Would you make design documents of the engine? I think for such project to work as opened it should have a lot of developing docs explaining the things, it’s the only way to make a collaborative development work. Specially if you say you don’t have much time.


(blenderage) #7

Im reasonablly experienced in making games (using blender’s game engine, I would be making it in blender’s game engine). Ive been wanting to do this for a long time but I wouldnt be able to start anything until the holidays, but Id thought I post the idea to see what feedback I got and what any ideas anyone had. I understand what you say about being serious and I am, but I probably wouldnt be starting anything until blender publisher is released open source. I will start making plans for it in a short while, post them and see what people think.

(Bandoler) #8

I’ll be waiting for them :slight_smile:


(gargola) #9

sounds good to me! :smiley:

(CubeFan973) #10

An engine? Meaning that in the GameEngine, you have some kind of import, and it creates levels and characters right there?

(blenderage) #11

No im not that clever what Id do is take the .blends of characters levels etc and append them into the main file. The point being that we have lot of content gained quickly and I can concentrate on physics collinsion detection etc. Im not going to do anything at the moment Ill wait till publisher is available for download first, then ill update you on what im going to do. Of course if some fancy Python person could make a import script that would be cool.