Blender | File size jumps from 6-7mb to 150mb and objects just explode all over

I have had this problem before, but it just got annoying after my new litle project. So i am messing with textures ( still learning :stuck_out_tongue: ) , but i cant edit my files cause of this thing that happens (photo: ) and thats the file after exporting and this is before exporting (photo: ). That should give somekind of idea, but i havent touched to anything else atm.

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Not sure if the reply came through so putting stuff here too.
So this happens as im exporting as .fbx . Working with textures doesnt mean anything else but that you know what i have done before this happened. Tho this can happen without touching textures.

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I think i can slap the file here if someone can use it for something. I just looked almost every texture through but didnt see anything that hits my eye.

I deleted every object but i only got 20mb off from the scene (was 60mb) and i got to 40mb when there was 0 objects left so any ideas ? Also tried exporting after deleting everything i added/modified the file with and same result.

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You’re going to need to give a bit more information before anyone can give you much help. This happens when you’re exporting from Blender? In what format? And why are you exporting your mesh in order to work with textures?

At the moment i can save as regular blend file without any problems. Working with meshes etc doesnt matter here since its not a must. I do change the format so i can view the ( this time car in Assetto Corsa ) car and see did my changes work as supposed.

As an update, i got from 148mb to 111mb now atleast i think it was cause i had few faces facing wrong direction, but i dont think faces make cars parts to rotate and so on to everywhere. Also i found that few parts take more size now like the cars body was taking 975kb in the start and now it takes almost 2mb

I got the file to 36mb by deleting all animations (im not that good with this stuff but it got somehow new animations after this? ), but everything is still rotated wrong:

I have now used every trick i know so help would be nice. Any idea could help!

You still really haven’t answered my main questions.

So, instead, let’s try it this way. Assuming that you’re starting with a 6-7MB file, give the exact steps you take to end up with a file that’s 150MB.

first off, added that rear wing -> modified side skirts -> textures for them -> wheels/tyres

Can you be more specific? At which point in that sequence does the file size balloon up?

At the moment i dont remember too well, but i think it was after some textures. Im going to clean up everything now and see if that helps as i have done it wrong for now(textures in different folders), but i will shout here more info if i remember. Also i can put the blend file.

also what does green/yellow mean on rotation etc:

They have been keyframed
Yellow = keyframe on the current frame number
Green = keyframe on another frame number