blender font

When I add a text, there’s a built-in default font available to use, could someone tell me what kind of font is this? time?

I think it’s Verdana Sans Serif.

Not sure that’s what you wanted to know though.


i posted about this a while back - you should have done a search. I think he wants to know how to change it:

select the text
go to edit buttons
go to text buttons
then go to the little arrow and navigate to windows -> fonts and select the font

there you go! hope that that is what you wanted to know! :wink:

Much appreciated! That’s what I like to know about.

By the way, Are there any other free fonts available? (Do not lead me to the mass fonts sites please, if there are some fonts within this blender site, please let me know.)

Thanks a lot!!

not sure about “text buttons”.
By the way, I know how to load a different ttf into blender, what I would like to know is what’s the name of the blender build-in font. And if there are any other “blender-font” around.

bitstream vera sans?

you can see the .ttf at:
c:\program files\blender foundtation\blender.blender.bfont.ttf
[assuming default instal location]

You’re right, it’s BitStream Vera Sans.

Just looked at the two side by side and they’re darn identical.