Blender for 2d graphics (not animation)

Wondering aloud why there’s almost nothing out there about Blender being used for 2d graphics that’s not animation or motion graphics, even if it will be a bit of an overkill of sorts, ditto for text heavy documents. The text object is already robust enough, but there are only add-ons for text effects for animation and motion graphics, not still graphics, what gives? I don’t see any reason for example why it should not be possible to start and finish an entire graphic novel completely in Blender. Why is it not happening? It may seem counter intuitive, but it does seem everything required is in place, especially with grease pencil, having layers, brushes, and all, plus different rendering options (cycles, eevee, freestyle, lnpr…) and there could be more if more people looked into that space, in terms of add-ons, etc. Wondering if there’s a reason why this is not a thing and if there are people out there doing this already.

Because blender’s output is an image.
So anything , you can learn about rendering is usable in 2D graphics.
People don’t use the term “2D graphics”. They use the term “non photorealistic rendering” or NPR.
You just don’t do your research with the pertinent tag.

What do you expect ? Addons are necessary to fulfil a need not satisfied by basic tools.
What are the tools you wish Blender had in that domain ?
Except support of Fonts, nothing is distinguishing a 3D text than any other 3D object.
3D Text are using same modifiers and same materials.
What you learned about meshes is usable on texts.

It looks like you don’t know Paul O Caggegi youtube channel.

Oh, I almost forgot about DtpBlender! I almost tried to actually use it, but it was overkill having adobe products on the other hand…
Guess it’s hard to find a copy nowadays. Btw it was in the pre 2.5 days

There is always an addon in Blender, I like Flexi Bezier Tool because it uses the Inkscapes Curves Engine. For me it’s a winwin situation, I don’t like Inkscape’s interface, and Blenders curves either. LOL

Edit: No, not the Engine > see description of the author below.

Thank you. A small correction: From Inkscape, Flexi Tools borrow just a couple of equations that enable dragging a point on a curve to edit it. Flexi Tools are not based on Inkscape Curve Engine. In fact, Inkscape functionality cannot be used in Blender, because Inkscape is a pure 2d application. Much of the functionality you find in the add-on is written from scratch (of course, at some places, using or adapting information and algorithms available on the net - with due credit in the source and on github documentation).

I do heavily use Inkscape as a tool myself and greatly appreciate the fact that this amazing tool is made available as an open source application. But just thought of pointing out the fact about the origin of the add-on code. Thanks again for using and appreciating the Flexi Tools in Bezier Toolkit add-on.


Thanks for the correction @Khemadeva I misunderstood. In any case, Flexi Bezier Tools is the best that Blender curves can have. Thanks you for this addon. :slight_smile:

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Hey thanks, I’m not referring to NPR only, I’m referring to having a suite of tools / workflow organized for desktop publishing (that’s the phrase I needed!) Addons tend to organize such tools / workflow into an intuitive set, such as the archipack addon does for creating architectural models and blueprints. I’m aware of Paul Caggegi, his work does solve part of the puzzle and is part of why I felt there should be more out there.

Now DtpBlender fits the description quite closely! Thanks for pointing in that direction, though sadly the website for the project seems to have lapsed and there’s no trace online for any alternative way of accessing the project. No visible activity either from the author since 2006. He did seem to have made good progress for the time the project was active though. Good find (well, almost)!.

Thanks, great addition to the tool chain!

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Yeah, but did you read fully?


Yeah, I got that, thanks.