Blender for CAD?

I have been using blender for quite a while now, it is great for CG and general modeling, but are there any tools out there that can help it be used for CAD, such as real-world precise measurements, and an exporter to AutoCad’s .DXF?

Try this. Would discuss more, but I gotta go.

the way we use Blender for architecture in my architectural studios is:

plans/sections/facades/details are developed in SolidEdge free drafting:

(SolidEdge 2D if freeware)

then import in Blender using the .dxf importer:

then for renderings use:




Much can be done in blender, its just not optimal. Much has been discussed and attempted to make it more capable. Here are some handy resources: - macuono’s measuring script - rab3d’s excellent resources (see esp. the tutorial) - Blender for Architecture - the wiki link list

…and lots of others

As to export to DXF, there’s an exporter already in there, I think. Not sure how well it does, tho.