blender for DirectX game

can blender be used for a DirectX game using C++. If so, what formats will i need to use. basicaly, i would need to have multiple animations, bone structures and things like that, that would work for an acual game programed with C++. My main concern i the animaions. Is there any way to make multiple animations using blender.

Id neex things like walk, attack, attack2 many more. Is this all possible or would i need to use gmax or 3dsMax.

also, if there is anoyone here who knows C++ well, please look here

if you want to help code please sign up. If we dont get coders we cant do anything. (also any help with models especialy people would help, im still learning)

Yes, you can use Blender to develop models for games for DirectX, in fact Blender 2.42a includes a DirectX .x file export and import facility.

awsome. But what about those animations. Is there a way to set up multiple animations.

Yes. Try the actions window.

?? what about it.

i see how to make multiple actions. but when i make an animation in one, it transfers to the other actions. Can you please explain.

you create animations in the action window [say like walk and crawl], then combine the two animations in the NLA window

an exporter would have to be pretty complex though to support both actions and nla… I think most games would have the NLA stuff done inside of the game
[which means somebody is writing an animation system, joy]

whoah whoah whoa. i should probably be in the animations forum for this, but can you slow it down a notch.

so i want to animations, crawl and walk. So i make them in the actions window.

then we skip the step of animating them so they are seperate animations, and then when we combind them the become to seperate ones.

I dont thing you lost me anywhere, cause that implies i actualy understood something.

basicaly, how EXACTLY is it done. I dont realy want anyone to have to give long explanations if they dont have to so if you know a tutorial it would help a lot.

I’m having the same problem, can anyone please explain? In 3DsMax they have a ‘note track’ in which you could just attach ‘notes’, at certain time intervals, for the begin and end frame of an animation sequence, or just general information about a animation like a sticky note in time. :wink: It works very nice and writing an exporter that exports animation is a breeze.