Blender For Dummies, 3rd edition is out!

If you’ll afford me a brief moment of shameless self-promotion, I’m quite pleased to announce that the 3rd edition of Blender For Dummies is now out and in the wild. This release is meant for Blender 2.74 and is quite a bit longer than previous editions, with more in-depth coverage for a lot of features, including many added since the 2nd edition was put out a couple years ago (like Cycles).

Of course, like all books in the Dummies series, Blender For Dummies is meant as a beginner’s reference. This means that it’s fairly light on tutorials. However, I’m rectifying that (as best as I can), by making a bunch of tutorials (some of which were included in previous editions) freely available on The site just got relaunched, so content is thin there right now. However, I’ll be posting a new tutorial or article there each day for the next 10 days or so.

In any case, yeah… Blender For Dummies, 3rd edition. It’s out. You can purchase it just about anywhere that you can buy books. I wouldn’t mind if you let folks know. :slight_smile:

Think I just realized… I have the first edition on my shelf… I think I got it a little before the 2nd came out. Good book, from what I remember (though I think there might be a chapter or two I didn’t get to for some reason or other). Good luck with the new edition!

Very nice.

I read the skyscraper tutorial and already I have learned something. I had never used the limited dissolve before. I think the new book may be helpful for me even though I am perpetually stuck at 2.69 until I get new hardware.

I’ll most likely buy this one eventually. Released editions are usually labor of love, if I may call it that. I have a knack of devouring software manuals/books away from a computer. I can read chapters after chapters, then employ what I’ve read when time to use the app, such as when I was learning AutoCAD.


Thanks folks! I’m pretty proud of this edition. If you happen to get it, I’d definitely love to know what you think.

@Ryeath, what about your hardware is keeping you at 2.69? That sounds strange.

for ebook, what format is available? does that include pdf? i might purchased it next month or something. i already own 2nd edition (physical).

I’d need to check, but my assumption is that it depends on where you’re purchasing it. If you’re going through Amazon, chances are most likely that it’s in the Kindle format (MOBI/AZW). Anywhere else, my guess is that it’s going to be in EPUB. I will say that I think that in any case, one of the advantages of the digital version is that the figures might be a little bit easier to see, depending on what you’re using to read (ereader, tablet, phone, computer, etc.)… though from what I can tell, those figures are still [unfortunately] grayscale. I’ll check with the publisher to know for sure.

Also, thank you for getting the 2nd edition. :slight_smile:

Ah… I see. In the thread, there’s a recommendation that you file a bug report on Have you done that? If you have a file that gives you the same regression each time, that means it’s reproducible… and therefore somewhat easier to track down and [hopefully] fix.


I did not file a bug report because my equipment is listed as not supported. But I don’t want to highjack your thread with this.

Got the book ordered today from Amazon (didn’t see it at the blender store or blender cookie). Will let you know how well it helps when I get it and have a chance to read through.

Bummer about the lack of support for your gear, Ryeath. I would’ve thought it was a regression. Fun excuse for an upgrade, if you can swing it, though. :wink:

And thank you for ordering the book. I’m definitely interested in finding out how (or if) it’s useful to people.

I must say this was one of the first books/resouces I used when I first started blender 5ish years ago. It helped me a lot, and will be sure to get it from the library when it comes in. I’m betting it will still be a good help.
Thank you.

Got my new book in the mail today (along with Digital lighting and rendering 3rd edition by Jeremy Birn). Plenty of reading material to keep me busy.

Book looks good, the black & white images are a bit tough to read even though you used a custom theme to make it print better. But I think most books I have seen are the same way.

Looking forward to digging into it.

Ordered and on the way from Amazon because, no, I can’t remember everything in Blender.

Thank you Ryeath and Dennis! Looking forward to learning what you think of it.

I just located a copy at my local book store and skimmed through it. Great job updating it Fweeb. The redesigned website looks great also. Good luck.

Thanks JTA! That reminds me. I’ve got another tutorial (or four) that I’d like to put up there.

Congratulations. I know that’s a lot of work.

Thanks @Artkansas! Yours hit second edition not too long ago, too, right? Back in August? Congrats to you, too!

Hello, My name is Larai…I am Totally new to this program… I have met a number of creators of sculpty and mesh 3D in several “virtual communities” …I have recently become interested in learning the same…If I had to be specific about what I am tryin to achieve, a Shoulder dragon with massive amounts of scripting and color changing ability by way of “hud’s”…So I bought the 3rd edition for my kindle…which I also put on my pc…so I read as well as work in blender while referring to the book…Awesome…easy to read!! & understand…and downloaded a program & know nothing at all…so I am a sponge for learning…I Think I have come to the right place…:D…Blender is an amazing program…and yes a lil daunting… Also, I have a leather fabrication business, where I think 3D modeling can come in handy for patterns and what an end result could look like…so in advance thank you for creating this and all other forums I may become involved with… :smiley: