Blender for Gameconsoles?

Can Blender be used to make games for like Xbox, Playstation or something like? I’ve reaad about wiimotes being used with blender, but can you make a game playable on any gameconsole? :confused:

I’m curious for answers!

well the 360 requires XNA based engines (MS directX based), dont know about the Wii and the PS3. Blender only just started supporting advanced shaders in the game engine and unfortunately OpenGL only. Well PS3 can run linux after modification and linux can run blender so who knows what the future may hold. Experts here may have different opinions though.

PS2 and PS3 are developed in C++ … a special library to develope in this consoles. But the SDK isn’t open and you must pay for this (about us$ 10000 per CPU).
You can create models and use it in games, but you lose Blender Game Engine (in my little opinion one’s best gamer library) and Python (one’s best programming language).

I believe the answers you will see most are: no and definately no. I myself do not know, not a GE expert.

Yeah - I’m not sure about xbox 360, or the wii… but definately the playstation3

You’d have to install linux on it (I think yellowdog allows access to all the available cores) and apart from that overhead you should have full access to the full power of the machine. You’d have to bear in mind that it only has 256Mb RAM… and you’d need to do a little searching for access to the machines GPU…

I think the article here explains that a workaround has been found:

I was considering targeting a game for the PS3… but you’d need everyone who wanted to play it to install linux. So either you pick a -really- lightweight linux distribution, or simply design the game such that you only ever expect to play the game yourself… as I’m sure most people won’t want to have to install some hefty OS on their system, just to play your home brew game.

One other option would be to prototype your game in Blender on a PC, then try and export all of your models and re-write your game logic into the C4 engine. That would allow you to then compile for the playstation 3… and i think they are working on an xbox360 compiler at the moment. Plus it has MASSIVE performance adavantages…

You can easily import blender models into it… but i doubt you can import the logic bricks… so unless your good at coding then you’d have to stick to their version of logic bricks which they call “visual scripting”. It’s not free either… you have to purchase a license ($350 i think…which is bloody cheap really)… but they do an evaluation copy which you can download…

anyways… i hope that helps you in some way.


but definately the playstation3
Yes, PlayStation3 should be able to run blender games through linux.

It is possible to run blender games on the NDS and Nintendo Wii sense both are written in C++. On top of that, the SDK for the DS and Wii are free and open for anyone to use. (If you know C++) it would take less than an hour to compile and run a DS/Wii application - it’s really not that hard.

Matter a fact, there is a DS homebrew called the “Spark Game Engine” that is able to read specially formatted blend files. Unfortunately, it’s still in development.

C-106 Delta, do you have a link for the Spark game engine? Sounds very interesting!

C-106 Delta , does this mean that runing a blender game on wii isn’t hard ?

hmmm, linux on PS, and blender on linux, i might be able to make a chainlink tool, not easy but definately worth it, although, it might not be legal unless i get sony’s permission.

this fascinates me…

I’m working on a game targeted for the NDS. We use Blender to model and animate, then we bake and dump the data to a file. We are writing the game engine and have import routines to read in the data and save it in memory for the GE to access and use to draw the scene.

U know check this out… look at the file, “playstation_engine”. Originally leaked by ideasman42 blender used to be able to be ported to PS1… I don’t remember everything

C-106 Delta , does this mean that runing a blender game on wii isn’t hard ?
I’m saying that compiling code for the DS/Wii isn’t difficult. But running blender games on the ds/wii is a little bit harder because you have to code (or port blender) yourself.

C-106 Delta, do you have a link for the Spark game engine?
There was a site hosted by uploader polorix, but as you already know, polorix isn’t working.

this all sounds pretty cool. but, how many people would say that its worth the legal trouble for me to make a chain link compatibility tool so u can easily make games in the BGE and with my tool make them compatible with the PS?
i myself dont think its worth the legal trouble, but if a large enough number of people do think its worth it. to hell with legal!

hey, talking about arguably illegal stuff is completely forbidden in BA, and may produce the deletion of the thread without notice. isnt it?

mate, it’s defo worth it…

I don’t recon there’s any legality issues there anyway - you can run linux on PS3, and sony has no qualms with that… so to make a game for the PS3 that runs on linux…where’s the issue??

like i said earlier…check out the c4 engine… that compiles for the PS3… and It’s used professionally in industry to release next gen games for the console… so it should all be fine.

Just think though… with a nice Linux build… the BGE could run some SWEET games, as those 7 cores will free up the fps required for next gen. It would be awesome if we could utilise threads… as that’d help the parrallel processing out even more… but one step at a time i suppose.

seriously man, go for it - and let me know where you get upto with it :slight_smile: