Blender for Levels?

Hi everyone!

I am extremely new to the 3D creation process, so I’m about to ask a totally newb question… please don’t run away in disgust yet. lol

I and my team are developing a game using the Kaneva Game Platform which now supports the Native Ogre XML format (whatever the heck that is).

From what I understnd, with a plugin, Blender can export to these files.

My questions is thus:

I know blender can do character models and such, but can it be used to create the levels?

Thank you for your time in this. :slight_smile:


Ogre has exporters for both characters and scenes,

so yes Blender can be used for both,




this is current process for blender->kaneva

  1. download blender
  2. look around their downloads for useful scripts since you’re there.
  3. download (remember where you install it!) python
  4. NOTE: the current version of blender 2.37 is compiled using python 2.3. if you download a later version of python you will run into trouble using scripts.
  5. set your python path, look in this thread for how to do for your operating system. path
  6. download the Ogre xml exporter
  7. once you download and uncompress go to the ‘docs’ folder. Open the index.html file in your web browser. Follow the instructions on install and pay attention to what will and will not work export properly.
    read me!
  8. Make your stuff in blender, I recommend these tutorials.
  9. Export to Ogre XML. (pay attention to number 7 above!)
  10. Follow the import instructions provided by Kaneva

a bit complex when 3ds max users have a direct export to the kaneva engine format

I will honestly pay money for someone to write a python that could do the direct export.