Blender Foundation Logo Warning?

Hi there.

Some YouTubers got a warning e mail from Blender Foundation about Blender’s official logo. In this e mail Blender Foundation says “Please remove Blender logo from your YouTube thumbnails.”

Have you heard about this e mail? Have you got a warning mail like this? I’m going to create Youtube tutorials but I don’t know this warning is true or not. Thanks.

I personally haven’t heard of such a thing happening. Or maybe, not yet.

What I can show you is the usage guidelines page on the website:

I suggest reading that. It should be fine for use like that according to what it says.


I’ve seen a discussion about this. I wanted to ask here if it is true or not :slight_smile:

Interesting. I use it on thumbs for Blender tutorials all the time as it’s the most space-efficient way of saying “for Blender” - most of the time I’m obeying these guidelines as I use my own logo (or one of them) as well, and I’m using it to mean Blender.