Blender FPS Rockets and Machine-guns

I have been working on a game called Rockets and Machine-guns for a while now and I am going to post it to the public!!
I have some pics and eventually I will release the .exe for the game. Here they are. The first one is a close up on the enemy cube (it is only a cube cause I don’t understand armatures that well, lol). The second is the level 1 map, and the third is a picture looking through some stained glass.

Here are a few more pics of the level 2 map and the level 3 map/arena!

I have some videos on youtube, unfortunately I can’t seem to upload them here, but on youtube you can search for: blender fps rockets and machineguns, and you should find the 3 videos

you don’t upload the videos to here, you use the youtube link from the video and then click insert video (beside insert image) and paste the link into it. Looks good so far.

Oh, well thank you then.

Here is the latest video.