Blender Fracture Modifier question

Hello Blend heads,
Micah here. I few days ago there was the hot thread for the new Blender Fracture Modifier build of Blender. I love the system but, is there anyway to get just the addon so that I can use it in my standard Blender build? I would really love to have just a .py addon of this system.

Considering how complex and expansive the system is right now, porting it to Python would mean a ton of code and a lot of long waits (as this type of thing can become pretty CPU-intensive).

The reason being that Python is several orders of magnitude slower than pure C/C++ code and it can’t be multi-threaded, so it would be able to do simple to moderate jobs at best.

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Hi Micah!
As told by Ace Dragon the fracture modifier was programmed in C. Thats why we need an custom-build of blender.
Making this a pure addon would cost a lot of performance.
The only way would be to have scorpion81´s in blender´s master. But it seems to be too much work- more details can tell you scorpion81.
What you can do yet is: Convert your simulation to import it in your blender version. I do the same to be able to use the octane-builds.