Blender Fracture Modifier VFX Question

Hello community,

Since this is my first post, I’d like to introduce myself: My name is Matti, I’m mostly into compositing, simulation and cutting and come from houdini and modo.
I used Blender a couple of years ago and decided to dive back into it just a few weeks ago when I started to see how unbelievable amazing it has evolved the past years.
So I decided instantly to get rid of my non-commercial version of houdini and modo and get myself going again with blender. And well, some weeks have passed since then… And I don’t regret anything! Or a better way to put it in: I don’t miss anything!

Well enough blabla, here’s my question:

It’s more a generell vfx-workflow question. Coming from houdini, I just came to the point in Blender where I wanted to destroy something. And to go even further, doing it to some live footage.
So I went outside, got my footage going… and now? Hm.
What I wanted to do is to basically blow up a part of a tenement.
So my approach would be: 3D track the scene in Blender, rebuild the geometry of the part I wanna blow up, take for example the first frame and camera project it onto that geometry so it matches, preparing a matte painting of the buildings inside or even better model it, doing some smoke simulation to give it that special “bang” and finally comp it in Fusion.

So… Is my approach just 100% bullshit?
As mentioned in the title, I got to see the Blender Fracture Modifier Build which seems pretty amazing… I think that would be the one I should go with, shouldn’t I?

Thanks in advance! I hope an interesting discussion will arise! :smiley:

Definitely go with the fracture modifier. I have been comparing basic destruction setups with houdini, 3ds max and Blender F.M. build. And I would say it is way to complicated to get things done in a quick way using both houdini and 3ds max. I’ve done some RBD tests and RnD using the fracture modifier & I would say it is way faster to set things up and get results fast. I like how dynamic it is to destroy things in blender using the F.M.
Here is a collection of everything I’ve done with the Fracture modifier build: [video][/video]

If you’re interested, I would love to work with you on that scene.