Blender freezes after few GPU renders


I’ve got a problem when i render with my gpu (a new GTX 780, before i had a GTX 570 and never had problems, but also was on previous blender version).
I want to render an animation, but after a few images, it takes longer and longer to start rendering each image, then after ~20 images, it totally freezes blender and the whole computer.

The scene is really light, 2500 polys, and the rendering of a single frame takes only 6 sec…
I use motion blur, AutoTileSize of 240x270, image is 1920x1080 (50%) and sampling is 50 only.

It looks like there is some violent memory leak or something… is there a known issue? Maybe an option to check or NOT to check?

I tried with CPU and i have no problems…


First check termal condition, both in case and room. Many modern computer units (CPU, GPU) use trottling in case of high temp.

That’s what i looked first and it was stable, 55℃ max… :\

Probably it keeps caching data in the GPU memory, be sure that your render settings are like this:

Upload the .Blend file so we can help you better :slight_smile:

Thanks for response.

After few more tests, i discovered that it’s the motion blur that causes problems…
Even with the default scene, i just have to activate it, and then each frame will take more and more time before rendering…

Found a bug about same problem in the bug tracker, but only if “Measure Panel addon” is activated, which is not my case.