Blender freezes momentarily

Hello Blender Artists!

I’m using blender 2.61 on Mac OsX Snow Leopard.
Every once in a while while navigating 3d space (e.g panning around a model) blender locks up for a second or two then snaps back and has finished what I asked it to do.
My system reports a massive lag spike in my computers CPU after this happens.
The Mac console is empty.

What’s going on?

Sorry to bump this.

It seems whenever I’m moving around in the 3d view-port with textures this occurs.
Especially whenever i attempt to change view to the camera.

This is very frustrating, having blender hang every few actions as i work on a game, and i’d appreciate any help with resolving this.


For the record, you’re not the only one experiencing this problem; the same happens here on my MacBook Pro running OS X 10.6.8. I’m not using any textures at all and the models I’m working on at the moment are pretty light. On the same laptop Blender runs fine under XP.

I keep having to go back to Blender-2.60a.

Every newer version temporarily locks up both in obect and edit mode when panning around scene or transforming objects. My scenes are very low poly.

I would love to know of a fix because the longer this goes on, the more I will begin to think that Blender is broken for me.

OS 10.6.7, 2x2.26Ghz Quad-Cor Intel Xeon, 24 Gb ram, NVIDIA GeForce GT 120: 512 Mb vram, Blender 2.63

Since having upgraded to OS X 10.7, this issue has disappeared on my system. It’s disconcerting though that you’re still experiencing the problem even with the 2.63 release; if it hasn’t been reported before it is probably a good idea to add the issue to the bug tracker.

I get that on Windows XP64 using 2.6.3.

There is something going on, internally, with the GUI. I think it is excessive redraw events. It has not been right for a while. With the release of bMesh the Blender interface just seems slower.

Same problem here. Also since a few versions, although I thought it dates back to even before 2.61 (might be wrong though).

I’m also working on OS X 10.6.8. I can tell very clearly that the entire system is frozen because the second counter in my menu bar clock stops for a moment.

I think the problem can be avoided by working in wireframe mode, but of course it’s not very feasible to always work in wireframe mode.

Same thing happens for me in Windows7 x64.

I tried a Linux install for a few days and didn’t have that problem.

Interesting that it’s happening on the Mac, too. I thought it was a Windows-only thing.

It seems like internal garbage collection to me. Some internal limit is reached and Blender can not go on until a clean up has occurred.

You may be right. It has that “Commodore 64” feel to it. :slight_smile: