Blender Game Cartoon Shader


I have searched on youtube…google…about blender game cartoon shader but I didnt
found anything…I am not good at python :slight_smile: but I really need cartoon shader…
If you have idea how to make it or you are already made please share with us :slight_smile:

Something like this:

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Here’s a way how to cheat it:

  1. duplicate your object(leave it in the same place)
  2. scale it slightly
  3. select all its faces and flip the normals
  4. apply a black material to it (turn down the specular intensity to 0 and make it black)
  5. make it the child of the original, so it moves with it

If you do it right you’ll get a fake cel shading. The more you scale the black object, the thicker the outline will be.

Fake Cel Shading.blend (633 KB)

Thanks…but it can take a lot of time if you have large scene…

You can try a screen space outline shader (2D filter). I know Martinsh made one a while back that worked pretty well. The major downside to this problem is the outlines almost highlight the aliasing, so you might want to try some screen space AA on a pass after the outline. However, at that point you’re probably chewing up a fair amount of performance just for outlines.

Here is an example of Martinsh’s shader in action:

If you try the flipped mesh outline effect, remember to scale the outline mesh with alt+s, not s, and set it to shadeless for best performance.