Blender Game engine character falls through floor?...

I’ve been using blender for about 2 weeks and have gotten extremely use to it, I understand the basics of logic bricks and so on and is hoping to learn actual python.
I’m making a project it’s going to be an MMO, but I have a character who falls through the floor when the physics are set to dynamic, can anyone help?

I read you can put a cube under the character’s feet and parent it, I tried that and my character ends up flying all over the place lol (Like without using any of the controls it just jumps somewhere) I set a collision box to the cube and set the cube to dynamic like what I read but it is still not working, any answers? Thank you :smiley:
(Also that little cylinder you see next to the character is set to dynamic and keeps falling as well, any tips on that one too? Thanks!)

Your character is colliding with its parent. Generally, you should have your character set to No Collision and parent it to a collision box/cylinder that encompasses the entire character.

first of all you have to check if the floor is set to no collision. if it is, change it to static.
you can make the cube invisible and change the size of the cube so it matches the size of the character and set the character to ghost or no collision. if the char flies over the floor, the collisionboundary seems to be wrong. you can change this in the characters or the cubes physics.