Blender Game engine customization artist

Looking for a blender game engine customization person.
What we want -
We have FPS ready template what we need is In blender game engine itself we want

  1. Ability for mark up and comments
  2. Measure across objects and dimension should remain in view port unless user deletes them
  3. There should be a facility to move/rotate objects

Simple ref. :- You can compare the handling and features of “Autodesk Design Review 2013” for example.

Get in touch if anyone is interested and can do this type of customization. you can get in touch for more details on [email protected]

Cheers !

most of that is simple,

what exactly do you mean by mark up? create in game notes?

This is what I mean.

doesn’t matter how I rotate the view port it will remain visible as seen below

Can you work on this?

Cheers !


Yes, I would cast a ray from each point in space the text box is meant to be pinned, to the camera, if the block is obstructed, don’t add that box, otherwise use screen space to add the dimensions

as for the lines and arrows, I can use sprites/objects or even use drawline*
but sprites that are updated only on changes are faster on the engine per frame

for the dimensions themselves, I would use overlays for the boxes, and possibly use render to texture on the dimensons using a camera and text on another scene

basically yes I can do this, would you like to pm me to discuss a contract etc?

edit: I can pre process the list of dimensions to see if they are in the cameras view frustum

Did you get my last reply? havent seen your reply for the same.