Blender game engine (object disappear)

I’ve got 2 separate files. Using blender 2.49, in texture mode, everything seems to be ok but when i hit p key some of the object disappear. No error or message in the console. The second file, some object are not showing when i hit p but there are error message shown in the console stating that " unable to initialize image …, image will not be available. I have selected the blender gslr material. What should i do? thx… in advance

Can you provide a Blend file as an example? Be sure to pack your images if you do.

Anyways, there are a few causes for objects not appearing in the game engine - it can’t use most modifiers or particles. Are you sure the objects disappear? Change to Solid view and check whether the objects still disappear. It could be that a texture fails to load and the object is simply invisible.

also, make sure it isn’t just a problem with the normals. somtime you just have all of them facing away from the camera…

This is the blend file
the object are still there especially the wall disappear when i press the P button. Thanks you!!

Shachar was right. Some of your normals are pointing in the wrong direction. If a normal doesn’t point towards the camera, its face will be invisible when the game is running.
It’s quite simple to fix. Show the tools panel with T. Tab into Edit Mode, select all vertexes, and choose “Recalculate” under “Normals” in the Tools panel. Do this for every object, and nothing should disappear except the wall.

The wall will still disappear because Blender will be making the normals point outwards, but we’re inside the building, so they should point inwards. Simply select all in editmode and “Flip Direction” (once again, under “Normals”), and the wall will also be visible in-game :slight_smile:

It works, thx for your help, both of you. really appreciate it!!

I should add that 173,400 and change faces is a …tad…high for a small kitchen in the game engine. That whole scene could be under 2k faces with ease.

Oh… Does that mean, it will take space and computer resource?

Having that many faces will make the game lag on older (or just less powerful) computers than the one you’re using. It’s best to use as few as possible to keep the same visual quality on the game.