Blender Game Engine Piano how to make it so i can press more than two tuts/key

Hei everyone, i’m on my project in making a piano/keyboard using blender game engine. But somehow i can’t press more than two tuts/key at the same time. The maximum tuts/key i can press at the same time is just two tuts/key.

Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? thank you.

Play around with Controllers in the Logic Editor. Depending on your Actuator, there is no limit on amounts of TRUE pulses from the Sensors. Do you only have one Actuator?

I think we need a little more information about how you have things set up. A blend would be ideal, but any scripts, or screenshots of your logic setup would be ok.

The windows OS supports at least three simultaneous pressed keys. More keys might work, but no guarranty. I know that same combinations are limitted to three others to much more.

This limit can be different between different OS an hardware. This is not bge specific.

this is the .blend file
i dont know why some tuts can play multiple sound at once but some tuts can’t play multiple sound at once
maybe someone can help me
thank you