Blender Game Engine Textures???

I recently started working on a maze game in blender and wanted to use a texture for the ground, but no matter what i do and how many tutorials i read, i am not able to see a texture when i press ā€œPā€. The render is fine. What do you think i should do? :frowning:

Press ALT+Z to go into the Textured view mode. To return to shaded view use the same combination again.

what shading mode do you use, glsl, multitex? do you have lighting in your scene? is your texture uv mapped? have you messed with any mat/tex settings that only affect realtime render?
Its hard to say why this happens, but if you do exactly this it should work:
add plane
add material to plane
add image texture to material
set glsl shading in display (3d view n key)
unwrap plane (press u, 3d view)
select uv as tex coords in properties>tex>mapping
make sure it is well lit
textured view