Blender Game Engine Upgrade (Kickstarter Project)

Hello ! I and OOPz is doing a Project Open ( an FPS RTS game) using Blender Game Engine…we’ll create art, assets and animation for the game…we need alot of generous 3D artist…who would like to see BGE as a game engine in the true sense…because we’ll be doing a kickstarter project right after that and transfer the money to OOPz to develop BGE which requires a much needed upgradeanyone interested can contact him or me throught my email id:[email protected] or join this group

thank you…if you’re a newbie then please dont join this group…because we’ll require someone who has abit of experience in the industry or have created assets for games

So you’re want to create a game with Blender and after getting a staff, start a Kickstarter? Sounds good, but can we have some more information?

join the group and private message me.We have already started