Blender Game kit

(dreamsgate) #1

Anyone else see the post on about the blender game kit?

(dreamsgate gets all excited, maybe she will finally be able to understand game blender… eagerly starts counting all her pennies) :stuck_out_tongue:

(sedgetone) #2

I’m over the moon too!

I think that the thing that killed the NaN period of Blender was the fact that there wasn’t any documentation on Publisher: hence, nobody bought it. I’ve meet people who were put off buying it for that very simple reason. I mean it’s not too much to ask if your buying a product than to get a manual on how to use it :wink:

There are a few tutorials on the game engine out there on the web, but most are very basic and not too helpful.

Lets see if it’ll be worth the wait…


(kevin3d) #3

I can’t find it…can you point me to it?

(dreamsgate) #4

Ton mentioned it in the CVS & Activity Report. It’s the latest article on the page. Although he doesn’t really say much about it, guess we have to wait until presales on the 17th.

(uv) #5

I always trusted Ton & NaN guys… that’s why I bought the publisher from the begin …at discounted price :slight_smile:

(sedgetone) #6

I bought publisher from NaN and paid again for membership to set Blender free. I just think that if NaN had put more into producing documentation and publicising what Blender is capable off, then more people would have bought publisher and Blender/NaN wouldn’t have hit this recent crisis. :x

It may be a somewhat naive view, but thats what I believe. How many times have we seen newbie’s asking what certain cryptic buttons do… It should be up to end users to HAVE to produce documentation and tutorials for others. Thats whats happened though, I just hope can bring all the knowledge that’s out there together.