Blender Game Making Challenge 11

Hi everyone , its almost time for the next blender game making challenge.
The next challenge will be on October 20th
Here a video with more info:

Sorry about the quality , it got compressed really bad, the next video will be better quality. :smiley:

Prizes will be :
The new Art of Blender Book (
A gold painted blender game making trophy(posibly siver and bronze for 2nd and 3rd if the deman is there)
possible other prize- tbc

Since the pre-giveaway didn’t work anyone who enters a game get a game from the humble inde bundle 9, while stocks last (i bought 3 bundles to give out 3 steam keys of each game, so there should be enough to go around)

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Hope to see you all on the 20th for when the theme will be revealed.

Polly Count Post :


Good job promoting the challenge! I won’t be partaking in it this time because I am currently involved in another project, but I will find the time to check out everyone’s entries. Love the trophy idea:)

BTW didn’t Josip post about the BGMC in the game engine support and discussion forum? It might be a good idea to post something there to let people know your doing it in the member contest forum, you could also promote it in the off topic forum maybe. Hopefully the moderators will allow that.

Thanks Sorry to hear your not able to take part this time round. Your game looked really good last time. And ye il try to post a link to this thread in the game discussion section.

I think Monster will move the thread to the Game Discussion Section if you ask him.
You are doing a really good job with this challenge and I love the trophy !

This looks great! One question though: How do I post? Should I post the .Blend file here on the forums, or should I post the game runtime engine? Or both?

Thanks, and sorry for my ignorance-I’m new at this.

I believe you can post the blend file or the runtime, it’s your choice. But you have to post it in the Works in Progress and Game Demos forum. Here are the rules from website:

Great idea, love the trophies, is there a way to put the number of the bgmc on them?
I’m keen to join this competition!

I would never have found out it was competition time if you hadn’t posted this on Facebook >:0
And once again, I am not a huge fan of the theme, but I’ll manage. Good luck to everyone!!

Edit: Love the accent Wallmasterr :smiley:
I’m part Scottish myself!