Blender Game Making Contest 16 | Anouncement!

Wait, hold the phone! What IS the BGMC?!
The Blender Game Making Challenge (or BGMC for short) is a week-long competition where people of the community make games relevant to contest’s theme. It’s secondary purpose is to encourage people to improve, either by trying to make something you’ve never tried making before, working with time-restraints or trying to aim for a specific style.

For more information on the BGMC and previous contests check out

The goal is to make a stealth game. This could be sneaking past guards, hiding in the shadows, avoiding making noise, trying to get a top secret file, breaking out of prison, flying a stealth plane, or trying to steal a pie without being caught.


  • No limits - you can use as many polys, textures, GLSL filters and scripts as you like. But remember that others need to be able to play your game to vote for it.
  • You’re only allowed 7 days to work on your game.
  • Blender 2.74 is preferable, but you can use any version of blender you like. Again, remember that other’s need to play your game in order to vote for it.
  • Any assets created before the competition should be available for the community to use (i.e.posted in the resources forum). You can use scripts, models, rigs, 2d filters or any of the other great resources people have posted in the resource forum. Assets from blendswap or other sites like that are also allowed, provided the assert is available for anyone to use before the competition begins.
  • If you use any pre-created assets please credit the person who created them in your WIP thread and in the submitted .blend file
  • Your game must contain some stealth elements/mechanics

The winning game will be determined by a poll. The game with the most votes wins. Judging will begin shortly after the contest ends and the poll will remain open for one week to give everyone time to play the games and vote. I doubt that anyone would, but please don’t vote for your own game. Voting is open to anyone regardless of if they entered or not, but please ensure you download and play all the games before voting.

@Thatimster) to the winner. It’s an amazing package, and is well worth checking out. There will also be a giftcard once I get paid! And other donations for a prize are welcome. The winner also gets to host the next contest.

How do I enter?:
There is no sign up sheet, you just have to navigate yourself to the “Works In Progress” forum, start a thread, title it like so:
“BGMC 16 | ‘Name of game’” and you’re done! Be sure to let the community in on what you’re making!

On the final day of the competition, in order to submit your game, you must create a thread in the “Finished Games” forum with a download link to the game. (Preferably the .blend file)

You can start planning your games now (if you haven’t already).
The first day of the competition will be Saturday the 23rd of May and it will run through to Sunday the 31st. You have 7 days during that time to devote to making your game. You can fix bugs or whatever up until the last day, then all the games will be collected in to a pack and voting will begin.

Thanks to Smoking_mirror, for hosting the last BGMC, who did such a good job at it that I stole most of this post from them!

Good luck!!

OOh ya baby my first BGmC!

A question:
Couldn’t this happen in summer when I have no school? :frowning:

Oh c´mon, why am I not there when this takes place :(. That´s the 3rd BGMC I can´t join because of time reasons :frowning:

School or similar stuff for you too? I will competite, but I won’t have much time per day, as I am approaching end of school- the last tasks, some tests etc.:smiley:

Team Projects
Hi! Are there allowed team projects around this time too? I am just wondering if I could make a game with few other people help(because doing texturing and modelling myself would take a lot of time). If not, I will just try to put up all my focus on logic, the game will be done, but not so high graphics.

Of course, other question is if other people from my communities will have time to help me:D

Haha yeah, I would love to see another variant of tic-tac-toe rather than a 3% done horrorgame.

my game is so stealth i cant even see it

The contest comes around every couple of months so don’t worry if you can’t make it this time. Anyway, it’s a game jam. It’s about fast concepts not about polishing. If I’m lucky I’m gonna get one day to work on mine, by which I mean an hour or two so I’m going to be leaning heavily on resorces from the forum… I doubt I’m gonna win but it’ll still be fun to take part. :smiley:

That schedule works with me. It will probably be good for me to take a week off my regular project and do something a little different. Well, ‘stealth’ will be way different than anything I’ve ever tried to make before. But it sounds like a good challenge!
I have had something in mind for this for a while though. I will be banking my project almost entirely on the implementation of one novel mechanic. If that doesn’t work out well, the game will fail hard :ba:. Not a great plan of action for success, but an interesting experiment in either case.

5 days, 1hr 18 minutes until the comp begins, been looking forward to this one all month!

I doubt that anyone would, but please don’t vote for your own game

I could be wrong as I’ve never used it, but isn’t there an option (when creating a poll) to show who voted what?
Would be interesting… sure there are some people who’d like their ballots to remain anonymous though.

Wait, hold the phone! What IS the BGMC?!

Boy, do I ever regret writing this… made it intentionally goofy and now it’s a BGMC tradition, haha.

Woo il try not to miss this one :smiley: good luck everyone , the themes interesting, never made a stelth game b4.

Good luck and happy blending all!

I am not sure if I will compete or not, I got a second job… Rapid game proto_typer for kick-start launches !

I sent an article to BN, so they can announce it on their site. I used an alias (John Kalvin Smuckers) because my real identity is one that they like to… um… “Moderhate?” yea I’m not like their. My opinions might hurt a little to them.

A lot of my games so far for BGMC have been stealth games (or maybe just one) and I am excited to try competing again.

Hmmm … finally my first BGMC! Let’s see what will come out.:smiley:
After all, they say The First time is always frustrating.:o

Can’t wait for the 23rd! I have just the right game idea in mind, but I’m not sure if I canpull it off :stuck_out_tongue:

is there a link to the resources forum or should I go with pasteall? (sorry, new if you couldn’t tell)

I’ve got an idea for this one but I’m not certain I’ll have enough time. :slight_smile: anyway I’ll give it a try.

I have got an epic idea for this, will definitely be cooped up inside tomorrow. I’m thinking like a mix between AC and MGS. The gamplay will be like MGS, but there will be an option to slaughter your enemy. I have an AI that I cooked up a while ago. This will probably be my first comeplted game.