Blender game: Runtime error

I’m getting a runtime error with my exported game test I made with Blender. (2.57.1) It’s obviously something Python related but I have no idea what to do.

My guess is that you need (the correct version of) python installed on your OS…

Which version would that be? Also wouldn’t that break Blender 2.49? I need the older version for exporting certain models.

Try copy paste the lib folder from python3.2 directory to the same folder containing the game executable.

oh. btw if that didn’t work try the 2.59 Blender

In your case the error states it’s looking for 2.6, try 3.2 but I know I had issues with 2.6 on linux when I upgraded to 3+, but that may just be Fedora packages…?

Oh wow there’s 2.59 already?! I just downloaded 2.57… I’ll try with the newer one but I doubt it works.

Edit: Doesn’t Blender 2.49 need Python 2.6 to work?

Nope. Both Versions doesnt require Python installation to work.
But if you install python, then you can use all the python modules inside your game.
For blender 2.5x ships with python 3.2x.
Blender 2.49 uses Python2.6, but it is not required for game to work.

EDIT: the problem here is the conflicting python shipped and python used for build?
Oh, BTW… Blender2.6 is on its way!!

I only use Blender 2.49 for exporting models to DTS. Well I installed 2.59 and it appears to be working fine. Thanks.