blender game speed help

i made a tree with 2000 mesh point with animation for game but game speed is slow.

other game aengines support more meshed objects but blender doesn’t support

are there any solution way for this? Please!

1.make it looow poly
2.wait untill blender gets fast!

Heres some advise, use normal maps, make a smaller version of that tree now, and bake the normals to it, as simple as that, it won’t be quite the same, but will look much better. GLSL is required for this.

If your computer is lagging with only 2000 vertices you should probably get it checked out. Odds are you have a very slow computer, or a lot of malware- Blender should be able to handle around 1,000,000 polys on decent hardware.

(by the way, polygon count is what’s important to performance, not vertices)

I don’t know how you made your tree, but I made a YoFrakie style tree with about 1700 vertex and runs well here.

As a general rule, I would recommend that you make the 2000 vertex mesh have a collision type of “No Collision” and make an invisible lower polygon version of the tree for physics calculations. Another way to do this would be to use the Edit Object >> Replace Mesh actuator with only the “Phys” button selected.

Other things I would consider:

Do you use a Microsoft operating system?
Are you using a Microsoft provided graphics driver? If so, update to a recent driver from your graphics card manufacturer for proper OpenGL support.
Are these other engines you speak of rendering via on OpenGL or DirectX?
Do you know that these other engines are using the higher poly tree mesh as a collision mesh, or are they using proxies (as I recommended that you do)?
How many bones are in your armature? Less bones = more speed. If, for example, you have 100 bones in a tree armature, that is a problem.

If you are using textures with alpha, then make leaves of that tree as alone object, and then set it to “shadeless”.But you should change textures for scene, if is day or night,you should make them darker or lighter.
I hope you´ll understand(i am not so good in english). Shading of objects with a lots of faces with alpha textures is VERY, but VERY hard to calculate in your HW.(I dont know why, because cod4,5,6, STalker, Oblivion f.e. uses milions objects with alpha textures and fps loss isnt so big :frowning: )

Also, I would recomend making it clip alpha, that saves a bunch more space than regular alpha setting, for leaves clip alpha should work just fine. :yes: