blender gamepad demo

I am working on a gamepad Demo for windows.

If anybody tried this does it work on windows?

Yes, it works on Windows 7. I had to open the *.exe in the folder though, because the link could only be opened if I’ld turn off my anti-virus program. I could move on all axis.

Thanks Raco. I wonder if anybody else is having this problem? That is good news. What kind of anti-virus is it?

Thanks @olladitan ! Under Windows 7 and 8 there is a tool named applocker, which in simple words denies unknown apps to be executed without extra permission. In case you have any Virus protection besides the Windows natives, it may take over this Task. Anyways you should be able to execute it, if you click on execute anyways or whatever sounds like that.

I am able to move the cube around in the scen, but there is no cam movement or any other Action right now, or should there be?

I was also wondering if you could share some thoughts on how you did this and maybe show us the blender-file and python skripts?

I am very inteerested in implementing animation and game movement with a gamepad in blender and also in transferring data like walk cycles from blender to a robot - but anyways, that’s going too far for this thread now.

I was just putting thoughts together like: blender+python+arduino+arduinoCam+gamepad could result in things like a “Live-Video-Aided-Robot-Controller” or “robotic movement programming device” :wink: - just late night ideas, but thos are always the best, aren’t they? Felt like I had to share them, because personally I would not know where to start.
I mean I have programming skills and also wrote a few python scripts in blender, but how to implement Hardware Inputs like Gamepads or 3dMouses I don’t have a clue…

But great work done so far! Thanks again for sharing and everybody listen: don’t Panic! It is not any sort of Virus! (just an unkown developer to Windows :,( )

Best regards,