Blender, games and Licenses...

Hi Blender Artists :slight_smile:

I´m a big Blender fan, and i´d like to create a game (like many people do), but i´m not very good at writing a full story…

The thing is, imagine that you want to create a FREE game, or at least part of a game, but using a movie license…

I had an idea of using some movie pics and soundtrack, but i´m very concerned that after the first wip shots go out, everyone´s just gonna flame me for using something that´s really not mine…

Again, i DON´T want to create a commercial game, just a FREE game to share with Blender Fans like me…

Can someone please help me on this doubt?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not very imaginative either. :no:

Do what you want. I don’t think anyone will flame you. A lot of people are doing copies of Zelda, Mario bros, Sonic, etc.

In the US there should be no legal issues with doing it, as long as you don’t sell the game. I honestly don’t know about other nations, but I think US laws are generally more restrictive (thanks to our ‘corporations uber alles attitude’).

Thanks for the reply S_Cross :wink:

No, i don´t have intentions of selling it.

The goal is to create a good free game and put it here at BlenderArtists for everyone to enjoy it…

My biggest concern is about Soundtrack… Even if it´s a free game, the soundtrack has copyrights…

Just make sure you have some sort of credits where you mention who did the original. Put something like “Based on the… By…”

Yeah. It’s complicated, but I think that as long as you don’t charge for the game and credit the original source, you’re in the right. I can’t guarantee it though. You could also contact the source and ask permission.

Thanks for all your advices :wink:

PlantPerson, the biggest problem about asking permission is that i doubt they would pay any attention to me. But thanks for the suggestion anyway.

The game i want to create is based on “The Terminator”…

Ok, now yu can laugh at me :smiley:

Perhaps. However, if they ignore you you can assume they don’t care. If they send you a very nasty reply you can know they don’t want you to do it. They may not give you an OK, but I’m betting that if they don’t want you to do it they’ll contact you for sure.

That´s a good point of view! Thanks PlantPerson :wink:

there is a “fair use” clause in america, but it is not a very safe thing to do in my opinion.

here is a vague description:

After all the time it takes to make a great game, you might want to just try to make your own content.
If you come up with something really cool, you will be able to sell it without getting into trouble.

Hi you are getting bad advice I think. While you probably won’t get sued, it is still a copyright violation, and thus the possibility exists that you will get sued if you use any of their assets (ie images, etc.). You can ‘clone’ a game idea as long as all of the assets in the game are your own creation ie Pingus as a clone of lemmings.

You could take a story whose copyright is expired, and use that - and there are some movies whose copyright has expired as well - and use those.

You can try


for instance


Yeah, i guess you´re right…

I don´t have intentions of creating a sellable game, it´s just a hommage to the 1984 movie “The Terminator”. It´s gonna be hard to get an authorization because the saga isn´t finished and they are creating new movies.

I could try to create something similar but it wouldn´t be the same thing. Clones are always clone compared to the original.

Thanks for the suggestions anyway.

I guess i´m just going to give up on this project.