Blender GE on Android - Touch Input

Hi everyone in Blender world. Just thought I would show off what I have found out while trying to make a touch screen 3D Pool Game. I will upload a Demo file witch is still a major work in progress but all the basics have been set-up.
I would like people to Test/ Rebuild/ or just to let me know the best way about building games for android. This is my first Android Game attempt I’m no good at Java so I would like to further this technology for the blender users out there.
The game is run Mostly By Mouse Over + Left Click Sensors Linked to message sensors for the input control, I have not seen this to be used for any Touch Games within Blender.

I hope this give some ideas to others to build more basic (or even complicated) games for android

Thanks All will be waiting to see what you guys think. Any questions, Please post here so the info does not waffle off.