Blender GE Online Chat [WIP]

I have created a little online chat using blender.

Right now it isn’t much, you enter the chat room, you can talk and change your name.

I am currently doing a small video demonstration on it so if you guys would like to join me in the chat, just download the file and press play.

you can change your name by writing
-change ‘yourname’

without the quote marks.

I will build up on this to create a little 3D environment where you can walk and chat to other players.

I will leave the server on for about an hour, maybe more if people enjoy chatting on it.


client.blend (480 KB)

I have worked a bit more on it and right now it is more stable and should be working much better. If anyone wants to improve on it, they are more than welcome.

Sorry I haven’t commented at all but it shouldn’t be too hard to grasp.

I can’t upload the server on here as it is a .py file. if you are interested in it, just let me know and I will send you it.

client.blend (481 KB)