Blender Glasses

More glass… because… Well, because I had nothing better to do?? LOL

Cycles. 3500 Samples with Denoise data. Lit with HDRI.


Are the logos using a metallic shader? They look unnaturally dark.

Yes… tried turning the roughness up a bit but maybe not enough?

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Hey, it might just be me but everything else in the scene looks great except for the logo material. If you’re using the principled bsdf you could maybe try rendering one with the metallic slider at 0 and see if that looks better than the metallic version.

Are you adding anisotropy to the shader? If you are, try turning that off and seeing if it looks more realistic. Usually metallic logos on glasses don’t have stretched reflections like yours do.

I did in the new Render (I’ll be posting it later) and added some SSS, since most of the logos are backlit.

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Adjusted logo. Added some blue/green tint to glass.

Maybe try lowering the roughness of the logo material to ~0.5-0.6. It might also help to desaturate it a little.

Side note: I personally like the glass material you used in the first image more than the one you used in the second.

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Looking good! The next thing you’d worry about is composition. Unless you’re using this as a website background or something similar, you might want to establish a strong focal point. If you’re wondering how to, I’d suggest watching this series of short videos by Ctrl+paint. Good luck!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

WOW Thanks!!

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