Blender Glitches

Hi, I’m starting this thread because there’s tons of glitches in a bunch of different aspects of blender. On may know of a glitch that no one else messes with.

If you want to post a glitch do it in this fashion:

Blender Version: [ie: Blender 2.47 Official]
OS: [your operating system]
Glitch: [ie: this thing happens when I do this!]
Screenshot: [fyi: you don’t have to]

Hopefully devs will see this (sticky please?) and fix them.

Here’s my glitch:

Blender 2.47.9

Windows XP Home SP2

When I hover over buttons in the logic tab and hit play they flash repetitively. This gets fixed when I hit esc and hit p again. It’s just annoying, nothing big but very annoying. Also sometimes the entire logic tab will flash giving me a headache. It’s very annoying when you have 100 bricks =/

It doesn’t happens here and so must be related to your video cart setup.


doesn’t happen to me either

It’s not my video card, it only happed in the newer releases : 2.47 (windows)

hmm… i dont really agree that there are tons of glitches in blender.
if you have an actual bug, just post it in the bug tracker.
i don’t think people here can really help you out to solve these.
also, it helps if you report what kind of video card you are using. this sounds like video card related.


If it’s related to my video card wouldn’t it of happened it previous versions?

Not necessarily.
For 2.47 I had to reset the drivers on my graphics card to get any interface at all.

Users can’t fix a bug, obviously.
We still can help identifying bugs that are real and worthy of reporting. We can help the ones who never filled a bug report before. Although I am not much of a coder I report my bug and a half each week usefully. I’ve learned to save quite often so I can have a fresh file from which to start in the hope that I can repeat the steps that lead to the problem. I learned to compile a debug version and to run Blender in gdb to provide a trace and other useful stuff that could and should be transmitted as much as possible.


This thread should be closed becasue there are more official and constructive channels available for reporting bugs. One way you can help the devs squash the bugs is by cooperating with said preestablished channels instead of forcing them into having to scan every single blender forum for obscure complaint threads such as this one.

Just my opinion. No offense.

You are taking a curious stance.
I don’t see how to forbid to anyone to freely discussing what they think, wrongly or rightly, to be a bug, glitch or whatever…
I don’t see anyone forcing the devs to look in obscure corners of the Internet…
I don’t see the official channels working all that well as a matter of fact : if you read the reports on the bug tracker you’d see that many are still poorly done, to the point of being useless. Some of the bugs that I have reported were experienced by many already and for quite some time. Yet they never were reported : why?
I say that we should give this a chance and who knows what the outcome could be.


My vote is bug tracker – a very nice way of logging and dealing with issues. Blenders got one so its all good.

I think overall blenders alright. There are very few ‘show stoppers’ that I can think of. My only real gripe with blender is its selection system because it doesn’t work in the way I expect it to. Not really blenders fault on that one.