Blender got mentioned in a Facebook ad

Blender in a Facebook ad:

Apparently Facebook decided to include a scene from the movie Blender’s BigBuckBunny in it’s ad.
Wonder how much Blender paid for that or perhaps it’s part of their partnership deal.

It’s an open source movie, anyone can use it for any purpose

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At least ‘Meta’ displays a sense of good taste, quite apart from their oscillating corporate ethics.

And in what has been a common trend among companies, they also created a logo that looks like something a child could’ve come up with.

I get that it is supposed to be the infinity sign, but it looks like they gave the sign Bell’s Palsy (or you can say it is a pair of lungs or the jowls of a Great Dane).

Furthermore, if there are letters in there then it just falls flat, the letters are just as muddy as in Deviant Art’s ‘new and improved’ branding.