Blender Grease Pencil Art


(Pastean Narcis Dan) #1

This project started as a simple scene wishing to sketch out a composition 2D style with grease pencil. I saw a vector art image online and had to try it. Long story short i changed my mind and 4 hours latter i finished this using grease pencil 100% Blender. No post-proccess used.
Hope you enjoy.

(anas) #2

this is really amazing man !!! :slight_smile:

(Pastean Narcis Dan) #3

thank you, blender grease pencil is my new favorite tool :slight_smile:

(anas) #4

i can see that alot of people made amazing stuff using it !!!
to bad i cant use it T_T
i have very low PC

(Bart Veldhuizen) #5

Very cool example of GP. You’re #featured! :+1:

(Pastean Narcis Dan) #6

thank you!! :slight_smile:


Not sure where this gal is… the bedroom… the bathroom… But I feel like I am there! Really nice! Now I’m inspired to use grease pencil :wink:

(Member) #8

Really awesome.


I really like that, honestly I’d put that on my wall.

(Pastean Narcis Dan) #10

Not sure either, maybe i should do a story around her, currently i`m learning some basic animations for G. pencil

you are free to do so :)) its a high enough rez for a A3 paper.

(Astro1derboy) #11

Fantastic work!!


re; an earlier question about her location: I think she’s definitely on the toilet, not in the bedroom. That is a face of relief, not release. Even pretty girls have to go… :smiley: Great drawing though.

(Hardus) #13

Wow I thought it was done in Illustrator for a second!

(Pastean Narcis Dan) #14

dude its obvious that she is taking in the smell :slight_smile: thanks

Well illustrator is for vector drawing and Grease Pencil is a kind on 3D vector based tool. Awesome tool and it keeps getting better by the day

Actually here is the simple setup:

(Jim) #15

This is beautiful work I’m looking forward to trying grease pencil
I just have to figure out a way to use 2.8 on my mac );