Blender Guru Christmas Competition Entry Space theme

Hey. :slight_smile:

This artwork is in the early stages of development and might need a little explaining for the viewer to get the idea of my intentions for the image.

>>> Updated picture of current progress:

The current plan is, a manned Satellite is sitting up in space and the guy decides he wants to celebrate Christmas even though he isn’t down on earth, so he is decorating the satellite and (Maybe will have some sort of deco on his astronaut suit (?) Any suggestions on how I can better portray the story is more than welcome).

I’m going for an over the shoulder view of the satellite, so the astronaut will be in the bottom left or right corner holding the Christmas lights which will be leading down to the Satellite inspecting his handiwork.

Hope that makes some sort of sense.

The Christmas lights will be different colours when I am confident that they are where I want them.

Space themes are not one of my strengths so any suggestions and critiques would be greatly appreciated - thanks :slight_smile:

Added a few more things to the picture, starry background, basic astronaut - he’ll look more like an astronaut with a bit more work.

The stars might take away the effectiveness of the lights so I might have to make the stars smaller and more complementary than a distraction.

Hey, thanks for the suggestions, they have helped me solve quite a few issues I was faced with. :slight_smile:

I’m busy testing out some ideas atm, should have an updated version to post really soon (Tomorrow all going to plan).

Neat idea with the lights, all the best to ya in the competition :slight_smile:

Okay, new story plan. Astronaut has finished decorating the satellite and is looking at a photograph of his wife (Maybe some kind of special picture since it’s in space?).

Time to put some effort into the astronaut now I think, lol he might need some hands to hold that picture for example…

Thanks, and the same to you!

Done some tweaking on a few things but there are a couple of things that are bothering me, The Christmas lights aren’t clear enough, they look like some mess of colour on the satellite instead of a decorated satellite. :confused:
I’m going to try pulling the satellite in closer to the camera since it shares the focus with the astronaut, and isn’t the only main focus of the picture anymore.