Blender Guru Christmas contest - Lucas3D

Hello, this is my progress for the contest of blender guru of Christmas. Critics are welcome, let me know what you think :evilgrin:

Wip :d

Hello, I modified the lighting, leaving a little darker. Added new materials to objects, also added a simple composition, giving emphasis on the lights.

I have a doubt: I wanted to know how to put snow on the glass, and have a nice result.

Would welcome feedback :smiley:

All textured, suggestions?

I really like the tree! Maybe it could do with some lights and decorations as well?

Thank’s for the feedback. I will add … :yes:

The lighting is pretty dark so you actually can’t see the area around the elevator. Besides that it’s quite empty. In example to whom is he coming?


Ok, I’ll increase the light. The story of the picture, is that this little boy is in a building, where he brings presents at christmas eve, for the “dwellers”.

I want to add a shadow of the Claus and Rudolph in the window, but is in progress. :smiley:

WIP - Increased a little enlightenment, added decorations on the tree and added the shadow in the window of santa and rudolph. :eyebrowlift:

Added candy cane of Christmas. Any more suggestions? ended my ideas. :yes: