Blender Guru Comp. Entry

Changed the minion color (I think it’s good now, after looking at some reference pictures, I see some where they’re really orange, and then others where they’re yellow, so I don’t know…I’ll probably leave as is). Changed the sky. Added the crane. I also, did some other minor tweaks.

Everythng looks great. But the poses are to static. Change that and you might have it!

Alright folks, I’m done with it. I know it ain’t perfect, but I won’t be able to work on it much more after today.

I didn’t really know what you meant about the too static thing. Did you want me to make their actions more exaggerated? or what?

Thanks everyone for you input! I really appreciate all yall’s help! :smiley:

Actually, I lied. I’m gonna fix the floating minion.

Nice scene, hard to setup in one image i agree!

Just to try to help, maybe add motion blur on the rocks, the left hand of the left minion.
Their head, i would see them focus more on what they look at, so lower down left minion’s head so he really watch his phone ; up for the middle minion, looking at rocks ; and lower down right minion’s head, maybe he could also scratch his head with his right hand (plus a pen in it).

I’m not for the colors you used, they are oversatured, maybe inspire from their original movie.
The sky… hmmm… no