Blender Guru Competition: Christmas!

Forum T’s and C’s.
“b. Inappropriate content:
a. Content containing primarily the following subjects and/or the promotion of one opinion over another are considered inappropriate.
a. Subjects include, but are not limited to, topics such as racism, sexism, religion, xenophobia or sexual preference.
b. Humiliating, derogatory, anti-social or inflammatory remarks aimed at any group of people, with or without the intent to start a group response are considered inappropriate. This includes racial remarks in the form of jokes, underhanded comments, and racial slurs.”

The main goal I believe they are aiming at is keeping peace, because of the sensitivity of the subject.
Still not being quiet though:
I’m a Christian and loving it!!!

But there’s even a second issue. As a new user, a person is not allowed to add any URL’s in any posts (even if they don’t block it, it’s still the policy agreed to when registering), but that’s easily solved as by their own policy:

“4. Limited Rights on new users. - These restriction
apply to prevent spam and bot attacks
a. New users are users with a post count below 10
(Hint: add some valuable critics to the “Forum Gallery“)
b. No URLs allowed in posts”

Andrew was very gracious to make an arrangement and my entry was sent in.

As this post has to contain something about Blender too, I’m liking the Ocean sim!

Yeah, I guess I’m technically in trouble then, because I’ve already posted my WIP of the Nativity, and in the past I’ve posted a WIP of a model of Noah’s ark. There’s another member who talks about his WIP model in connection with his WIP Christian movie. As far as I know, my threads have never been locked.

I’m guessing (IANAM - I am not a moderator) that the policy is to ban those who actively proselytize or flame on the site. However, IMO, they would be better served by a statement that they’ll ban anyone who’s being a jerk. This way, they wouldn’t be accused of censoring on narrow grounds (i.e. religion), and they’d have a broader, more effective policy. IANAL.


P.S. But if I do get banned in the next few days, we’ll know why. :slight_smile:

<offtopic>Posting images of your work are fine, even if they are religiously centered. What they don’t want is people telling others what they should believe and stuff like that. So you will be fine.</offtopic>

A bit of a typical theme for this time of year don’t you think. Anyways, count me in. (sits down to think)

I’m sure you won’t, but even if you do, it’s an honor.

Hi Andrew, I want to enter in this comp but maybe this one are not allowed here because I always use Zbrush for organic modelling and texturing… Blender was responsible for lighting, composing, rendering (cycles), particles, and a little bit surface modelling.It took me almost 2 days from start to finished. Even if my work is rejected, I hope to receive some advices and critics. Goodbye and thanks for all your free tips and tutorials on BlenderGuru;). for the blend the picture.

Wow!!! You certainly have a great modeling talent!!!

Wow yes with every day my hopes of winning get smaler :stuck_out_tongue: will hopefully have my entry in very soon (still rendering)

What is wrong with religious content? The competition is about CHRISTmas, it is centered around religion. If people can post nude characters (at least I think they can- I don’t look at the threads that say “Warning: Nudity”) then why can’t you post something religious?

How about we change it to “Holiday Contest”? :slight_smile:

Either way, Despite the name, Christmas isn’t really considered a religious holiday. I don’t consider myself Christian, but I still celebrate it.

Hey Andrew, got another picture for you. Shows more of the winter than of the actual christmas, hope you’re fine with this.

This one is going to be tough. Can’t think of any ideas right now, but I really badly want to win the first place prize.

greetings from Finland, the homeland of Santa Claus as you propably know. Here’s my entry to the competition, titled “Christmas Still”:

It’s rendered using Cycles, textures were made with Inkscape, Gimp and Photoshop. I did some minor post processing with Photoshop.

Ok heres my entry:

Blender 2.60 + cycles

^Absolutely. 100% agreed.

I have nothing against religious content. In fact I’m a Christian myself, so I encourage it! :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as I know there are no forum rules that say you can’t post religious content. If any of you hear otherwise, let me know.

Wow. Seriously?? And so early on in the competition too! O_o Amazing work.

I really want this to be eligible for a prize, however I can’t break my guidelines which, as you know, state, “Must be created with Blender”.

So I will no doubt make a special mention of it, however unfortunately you can’t win anything.

But thank you for entering anyway! It is an absolutely gorgeous entry. You should feel proud! :slight_smile:

Thanks Andrew.

@Andrew: Just sent you a message on it! (^^,)
Otherwise, just read the Forum rules at:

Great entries everyone!!

made it in a really short time :confused:

Here is my entry.
Hi res download:


Good work!!! (^v^)

I’m putting up my Blend file for now, haven’t exactly rendered it yet, hope to post the rendering later , just don’t want to lose the .blend file. I may make a few changes before rendering, but it should be close enough to tell it’s the same.

I purposefully broke the URL, will probably fix it later, don’t want it ripped just yet.

Can I enter more than once? I have another entry I’m working on and 2 more ideas I’m contemplating (maybe 3).